DarkVision is a Windows client/server remote access and pen/leak-testing software with a native core written in C++ and Assembly language. The software supports multiple reverse connections and is based on a plugin architecture with memory mapped modules that never touch the remote disk, which allows for flexible loading of functionality on the remote system, making the tool ideal for both regular remote access and security related projects.



Remote Access & Pen/Leak-testing Tool For Windows 7/8/10 (32/64)


In order to accommodate security related projects such as pen/leak-testing, an encryption tool (crypter) has been developed for 64 bit DarkVision executables. The tool supports API unhooking, compression, encryption, cloning of resources, attachment, and smart delay. The crypter is currently FREE and is therefore not maintained as frequently (i.e scanned and updated) as a paid tool.

Plugin Manager

Selected plugins are loaded and unloaded with one click, and sent across the network to be memory mapped in the connected remote process.

Remote Desktop Plugin

The remote desktop plugin forwards mouse and keystrokes to the remote system. Screenshots can be logged. Update frequency and screenshot quality is adjustable. This plugin works optimally when the executable is elevated.

Screen Capture Plugin

The screen capture plugin renders snapshots of the remote screen. Update frequency and screenshot quality is adjustable.

File Explorer Plugin (Thumbnail Viewer)

The thumbnail viewer in the file explorer displays thumbnails of image files in the current remote directory.  The size and quality of the thumbnails is adjustable.

File Explorer Plugin (File System)

The file explorer plugin currently facilitates the following operations on remote files and folders: Upload/download, rename, delete, hash, attributes, encryption/decryption with AES256, create directory, spawn process, shell execute, copy/paste. This plugin will evolve with more features.

Password Recovery Plugin

The password recovery plugin currently recovers passwords from Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browsers. This plugin will evolve to cover more applications.

Memory Dumping Plugin

The memory dumping plugin extracts process memory in MDMP format. Future releases of the plugin will also support compression of dumped data.

Offline Keylogger Plugin

The offline keylogger records keystrokes on the remote system. The recorded data can be reviewed later on. This plugin can be combined with the live keylogger plugin. This plugin will evolve with additional options for recording.

Live Keylogger Plugin

The live keylogger enables realtime recording of keystrokes on the remote system. This plugin can be combined with the offline keylogger plugin.

Web Camera Plugin

The webcam plugin streams video frames from the remote web camera. The snapshot quality is adjustable and snapshots can be logged to disk.

Registry Editor Plugin

The registry plugin provides access to the registry on the remote system.

Microphone Capture Plugin

The microphone capture plugin records microphone audio on the remote system in any supported format. The recorded audio stream can be saved on the local computer. Future releases of the plugin will support saving the audio on the remote system.

Kill Switch Plugin

The kill switch plugin guards the remote unattended computer by locking the workstation or shutting down the system when a timeout expires or upon unauthorized attempts to access keyboard, mouse, and USB ports. This plugin requires elevation.

Chat Plugin

The chat plugin is undergoing improvements and will be incorporated in future releases.

SMTP Email Plugin

The current SMTP Email Plugin is experimental. It can be used to relay an email body (.EML) to a recipient via the remote host. This plugin will evolve into a complete mail composer and relay system.

Wallpaper Plugin

The wallpaper plugin is handy for changing wallpaper on the remote desktop.

Window Plugin

The Window Plugin lists existing windows in the remote system and provides commands to maximize, minimize, restore, close, change caption and set visibility.

Reverse Proxy Plugin

The Reverse Proxy Plugin enables any application that supports the SOCKS4 protocol to relay connections through the remote computer (i.e connections will emanate / exit on the remote computer).

Remote Shell Plugin

The Remote Shell Plugin spawns a remote shell and executes the command on the remote computer.

Send Message Plugin

The Send Message Plugin can display messages on the remote computer.

System Control Plugin

The System Control Plugin has options for restarting, shutting down, or locking the remote workstation.


Process Plugin

List and terminate processes in the remote system.


Registered users are entitled free access to every new plugin and update released during the license period.


Perfect Money, Paypal, BTC.

DEFAULT LICENSE: 3 months / $40

HVNC For Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Brave (NEW)

This plugin offers flexible memory mapped loading and unloading of an HVNC module for the web browsers Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Brave.